*Not all pierogi fillings are offered year-round. Please see the menu on the homepage for our current offerings. Reach out to us at for any special inquiries or questions!


Potato & Kraut

Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Sauerkraut

Cheesy Potato

Mashed potatoes whipped with lots and lots of cheese

Cheesy Potato w/Jalapeño

Cheesy Potato with spicy pickled jalapeños

Cheesy Potato w/Jalapeño & Bacon

Cheesy potato with spicy pickled jalapeños and crispy bacon crumbles



Breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese and homefries

Chicken Spinach Artichoke

Cream cheese, chicken, artichoke hearts, spinach, garlic, mozzarella & parm

Buffalo Chicken w/Ranch Potato

Chicken breast slow cooked in spicy (but not too spicy) buffalo sauce, with ranch flavored mashed potatoes

Chicken Hibachi

Hibachi chicken, fried rice, sautéed mushroom, zucchini & onions, and of course yum yum sauce

Philly Cheesesteak

Thin shaved steak, bell peppers, onions, provolone cheese, and garlic mayo


Seasoned ground beef, salsa, jalapeños, and mexican cheese blend

Italian Sausage and Pepper

Ground italian sausage, bell peppers & onions with homemade red sauce

Pepperoni Roll

Pepperoni and mozzarella with a side of homemade red sauce for dipping

BBQ Meatball w/Cheddar

Sweet and savory bbq meatballs with melty cheddar cheese


Brie w/Apricot & Walnuts

Dried apricots, brie and walnuts with a dab of honey

Blueberry Cobblerogi

Blueberries, oats, cinnamon and sugar

Cherry Cobblerogi

Cherries, oats, cinnamon and sugar

Apple Cobblerogi

Apples, oats, cinnamon and sugar

Pumpkin Pie-rogi

Like mom’s pumpkin pie but take away the crust, and stuff that baby in a ‘rogi!

Pot Roast & Mashed Potato w/Gravy on the side

Slow cooked beef pot roast shredded and paired with homemade mashed potatoes, with a side of beef gravy

Bacon Cheeseburger-ogi

Homemade mini seasoned beef patty, bacon, cheddar & dill pickle chip

Smoked BBQ Pork (option: sweet & sour slaw on the side)

Slow smoked pork shoulder with bbq sauce / cabbage, carrot, pepper & onion slaw in a sweet & sour dressing

Gobblerogi XL

Double sized “saucer” shaped pierogi, stuffed with smoked seasoned turkey, homemade stuffing & mashed potatoes, with gravy and jellied cranberry sauce on the side.

Pork, Potato & Kraut

Just like the potato and Kraut, but add some delicious slow roasted pork to that dumpling – perfect for your pork & kraut new years tradition!